Vibrant and engaging talk on the value and importance of humour and play a work delivered to Exmouth Chamber of Commerce. Good for business leaders to understand how the role of clown and clowning in a company can help bolster resilience; promote a 'can do' attitude; generate self belief; promote the idea that failure is linked to learning and growth, and of course, most importantly, can help us find humour in difficult and challenging times.

Spring 2018 Workshops

Stand up comedy classes

EXMOUTH,      Oddfellows, High Street. Mondays: 19, 26 March, 9, 16, 30 April, 7 May, 7-9.30pm
Advance payment. £66 for six sessions BOOK: 

EXETER   Glorious Art House, Exeter. Thursdays: 22, 29 March, 12, 19 April, 3, 10 May, 7-9.30pm
                                                  Advance payment. £66 for six sessions BOOK:

TORQUAY                 Artizan, 7 Lucius St, Torquay. Date TBC Develop or bring new material. £15

Comedy Writing/Speaking Class: boost your humour skills & confidence

EXMOUTH           Exmouth Library, Wednesdays: 21 March; 18 April; 16 May    10am -12noon
                                                       Refreshments included £12. Limited spaces

EXETER                        Face Your Fears! Public Speaking / Comedy Development
      Enhance your confidence, charisma and learn techniques to help you relax and be funny
                                         Glorious Art House, Saturday 24 March, 10am - 4.30pm      £39.99        

EXETER   Funny Women Workshop Embolden your inner comic through physical humour and playfulness; improve your confidence and creative thinking; express your point of view, comically, and become more relaxed in your body. Cellar Bar, City Gate Hotel, Exeter,  Sunday 29 April, 2-5pm £15 Women only.

Exmouth  Laughter Yoga, 19,26 March, 9,16,30 April, 5.30-6.15pm Alexandra House, 59 Imperial Road £4 on the door
Coming Up 2018

Crack It! Comedy Writing and Development sessions

Drop in monthly Sunday afternoon comedy writing classes. Chance to build material, buddy up, receive supportive and constructive advice, share and develop material.

Next: Sunday 21 January, 2-4pm, City Gate Hotel, Exeter. £12

Crack It! Comedy Class with Audience at WooHoo - Comedy Art Exhibition

Crack It! Evening Comedy Class with Audience
Saturday 10th March 7-9.15pm
Ocean, Queens Drive, Exmouth

Watch or engage in an evening of comedy crafting, improvising, playing, fun and laughter. Write it, speak it, act it, show it. Your comedy thoughts and ideas expressed - verbally and sometimes physically - and shared with critical support from Clown and Comedy Teacher Maggie Irving.

Be the audience and / or the creators and performers. Have a go - if you like. Creative scribing; comedians with attitude; a chance to have a crack at at standing up to stand out or just sit back and absorb the goings-on of clever and risk-taking comedy artists in action.
Book Eventbrite: £8

Two Talks at WooHoo Comedy Art Exhibition with Workshops and Talks

1. Queen of Dada Baroness Elsa, shocked, entertained and astonished her audiences in the early 1900s. Even by today's standard she was a radical avant garde artist - who contested Western art practices and challenged the boundaries  of 'normality' for early twentieth-century women. Tragically she died alone and penniless, unlike her Dada allies Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray. Hear more about this remarkable and  inspirational woman in an edgy and entertaining performance lecture by Dr Maggie Irving. 

2. Joseph Beuys, German Fluxus, happening, and performance artist as well as a sculptor, installation artist, graphic artist, art theorist, and pedagogue. Clifford Norman discusses the work of this extraordinary playful and boundary breaking artist in the second of two lectures at Exmouth's first comedy art exhibition WooHoo.
Book: Eventbrite 
Week after week my comedy class write and get up and deliver their comic musings, worries, thoughts, hopes, annoyances etc. I always think, what a shame nobody hears this material. And so I am trialling a class in front of a paying audience on Friday 24 November 2017. See details below:

Having a Crack: An experimental stand up comedy class at The Bike Shed Theatre

Come and see what goes on behind the scenes in a stand up comedy class with a difference. Devon Comedy Coach Maggie Irving is opening her classroom door for you to witness an onstage stand up comedy workshop. The class members, from Exeter, Exmouth and Torbay, will reveal a unique perspective on how they write and then deliver their material with the all-important ‘attitude’, with the hope of getting a laugh.

Maggie requests you join in with some of the writing tasks (if you wish) and perhaps satisfy your comedic curiosity, generate confidence to write comic material and learn how comedy performance requires a combo of factors to make it work.  

This is a brand-new venture. An experiment. Who knows what might happen? Your feedback is vital.

Bike Shed Theatre, Friday 24 November 2017, 7.30pm

Maggie Irving:

NEW! Autumn 2017 Stand Up Comedy / Comedy Writing Workshops:

EXETER: Crack it! comedy development for performers, poets, speakers.

Sunday 24 Sep, 1 Oct, 8 Oct  

The City Gate Hotel, North Street, Exeter, 2pm - 4pm Improve your set /comedy performance 



EXETER: Beginners and Improvers Stand up/ comedy writing ‘n’ performing 

Monday 25 September - 20 November, Providence Court/CafĂ© 55, 37 Northernhay St. 7pm - 9pm

TORQUAY Beginners and Improvers Stand up/ comedy writing ‘n’ performing 

Wednesday 27 September - 22 November, The Artizan Gallery, Lucius St, Torquay, 7pm - 9pm

EXMOUTH Beginners and Improvers Stand up/ comedy writing ‘n’ performing 

Thursday 28 September - 23 November, Oddfellows, High Street, Exmouth, 7pm - 9pm


EVENTBRITE BOOKING: or Contact magsirving@gmail