Lympstone Clowning

When I gave a presentation (to about 20 people), I did use the concept of seeking to make better connections with the audience which we covered in the clowning class. I'm sometimes thinking more about what I'm saying rather than the reaction from my audience so this was a really good point for me. I observed people and how they were responding and it enabled me to then gauge the pace and content as we continued.  Steve

Get Clowning With Maggie

Have you ever stood on stage and noticed that your legs are shaking so much that the hair is falling out of its folicles? I was like that and now I am bald as a coot. I exaggerate, but nevertheless, it is good to feel fearless when faced with an audience.

Marketing a brand of clowning that clearly wants to alter people’s perception of ‘a clown’ - the simple guy with a red nose - is like, well it is tough, made worse by my manic passion for its benefits. 

I can see people backing off into a ditch or the closet to escape from this Doctor of Clowning who talks about clever, creative and contemporary clowning as if it will change their life forever; make them funnier, more confident, brave and empowered to talk to anyone at anytime. What’s not to like?