The moments when people 'mess up' are the most memorable. Think about how you might 'mess up' intentionally in order to be remembered.
Great session in Exmouth yesterday, it was great fun working with everyone and I look forward to performing with the...
Posted by Richard James on Monday, 25 May 2015

Tip 1: Start Today - Laugh on the Lavatory for Sound Mental Health

Are you sitting in an office fed up, miserable and wishing away the weeks to your next holiday? Would you like to enjoy your day at work, have a laugh and be able to find the funny in tough times? 

Well you can by introducing and practising positive and healthy humour in your place of work, or even at home. Positive humour differs from negative humour such as banter, sarcasm and put downs (humour that is focused on raising one's own status at the expense of somebody else's demise).

Healthy humour is inclusive, brings people together and enriches. A good sense of humour (GSOH) is one of the most valued human traits and can help heal, lower stress, create trust and popularity. It can build and sustain business and/or personal relationships.

Start today. 
Tip 1. Pay a visit to the lavatory and laugh on the loo. Find the funny in flaws, failures or small annoyances. Laugh out loud or stifle your giggles as you flush out the stress through initially fake laughter. Feel the crap in your day quickly slip away.
Performers, dancers, actors, and artists are invited to a masterclass in contemporary clowning for the 21st century, by Dr Maggie Irving. It is a rare opportunity to work with a trained clown who sees this art form as a mode to altering the status quo and a space to break from socialisation. Come and see and be seen and explore how we can surprise and engage one another. Book via Maggie or Eventbrite

For further information and to register go to 
Eventbrite: - 
An event for Women in Business 

Humour and Play for Business is a one day workshop for business women. The event is aims to bring greater dynamism, humour and creativity to women’s presentations and businesses.

Participants will investigate how each of us can improve our comedy and performance skills; generate trust and enhance our relationships, predominantly in business, though these skills will translate into everyday life too.

Using my expertise in clowning and comedy, I will teach some of the fundamentals of this skill in order that women might become more empowered, funnier, confident, savvy and able to think outside the box.

Date: Sunday 22nd February 2015, 9.30 for 10am start. Finish - 4pm.
Venue: St Matthews Hall, Topsham.
Cost: £55
Tea and coffee provided. Contact Maggie to book.
Spaces strictly limited
When I came to clowning, I learnt that positive humour is a remarkable tool for handling misfortune, disaster and disappointment. I was in the throws of separating from my ex and my comedy material reflected this seismic change in my life. The topics of desperation, loneliness and a search for a partner were exposed in my performance work along with a commentary of hitting university as a mature student whilst raising a couple of kids. I think I shed twenty years off my real age within one year - yes!

Yes! A mature and responsible mum added some additional layers to her being - life long learning and productive play and pleasure. She recommends this action for everyone - especially learning how to produce humour and feel happy in one's skin, anytime and anyplace - not a state of being she had enjoyed all her life.
                                to be continued
This aims to be a fun session for anybody who would like to generate greater laughter, creativity and dynamism in their life.

The show is a quirky, eclectic re-visioning of three myths. Dark, funny and quirky, A Craic In A Rock and incorporates dance, clowning, character play, audience interaction, oh, and stones. The alchemy of laughter rocks and transforms........
WHY SO SERIOUS? Contemporary Clowning for Adults

A set of classes that aim to bring more humour, positive interaction, creative thinking, improvisation and comedy skills into the lives of adults begins in Topsham in January. This is a unique opportunity for adults to enhance their humour skills, confidence, communication and creativity.
Dr Maggie Irving is passionate about the benefits of play and laughter for everyone. 
“Humour and play help break down barriers and allow people to continue to grow. The classes are suitable for people from 18 to the third age and indeed for people who would like more laughter in their life.  People in business and in everyday life want to be more confident when connecting with others and humour is a great way of making friends and generating bonds. 
“Life can be a tad too serious at times and stepping into the shoes of a clown is a unique opportunity to see the world through a different perspective."
There is a talk and taster session with Maggie between 11am - 12.00pm on Wednesday 14th January at the Dorothy Holman Centre, Ferry Road. £5 per person.
The six-week course takes place every Wednesday from 28th January to 4th March,  11am-12.15pm. Spaces are limited so please book early. Suitable for 18+
Maggie Irving T: 07791910223

Book Eventbrite:

Why So Serious? One day clowning workshop with Maggie Irving at Plymouth University, 
Sunday 18th January, 10am-4.30pm. 
This one-day clowning workshop aims to cultivate and explore a range of clown signifiers; the light and shade of clown humour; positive interaction and thinking outside the box, for a range of performance contexts and social arenas.

Participants will experiment with play, incongruity, emotion and laughter. The session is a safe setting for people to let go of their socialised selves and start to see the world through a different perspective - a space and place where saying “yes” is an invitation for adventure, creativity and discovery. It is an opportunity for ridiculousness, to act the fool (on your terms), transgress and use failure as a springboard for new ventures and for re-evaluating dilemmas. 
Life can get a tad serious and being able to clown in the moment wherever and whenever is a valuable skill. The workshop provides an insight into how people can re-think their behaviours and become more imaginative, creative and humorous within performance, business and everyday living.
Stepping outside social boundaries that keep us locked into ‘normality’ and feeling at ease, open and playful in front of others is a clown’s forte and it is a skill worth learning and practising.
The recommended age is 18 or over. Contact to book or book here: