Why So Serious? One day clowning workshop with Maggie Irving at Plymouth University, 
Sunday 18th January, 10am-4.30pm. 
This one-day clowning workshop aims to cultivate and explore a range of clown signifiers; the light and shade of clown humour; positive interaction and thinking outside the box, for a range of performance contexts and social arenas.

Participants will experiment with play, incongruity, emotion and laughter. The session is a safe setting for people to let go of their socialised selves and start to see the world through a different perspective - a space and place where saying “yes” is an invitation for adventure, creativity and discovery. It is an opportunity for ridiculousness, to act the fool (on your terms), transgress and use failure as a springboard for new ventures and for re-evaluating dilemmas. 
Life can get a tad serious and being able to clown in the moment wherever and whenever is a valuable skill. The workshop provides an insight into how people can re-think their behaviours and become more imaginative, creative and humorous within performance, business and everyday living.
Stepping outside social boundaries that keep us locked into ‘normality’ and feeling at ease, open and playful in front of others is a clown’s forte and it is a skill worth learning and practising.
The recommended age is 18 or over. Contact to book or book here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/contemporary-clowning-workshop-plymouth-tickets-14628346779