Maggie collaborated with Dagmar Schwitzgebel and Carole C. to create La La Lunas. The trio performed at The Bike Shed Theatre in January as part of the Festival From Devon with Love.

Their devised performance of A Craic in the Rock revised three myths - Baubo, Sisyphus and Medusa and played to a packed theatre.

Maggie Irving's performance activities have taken her to a range of locations including, The Tate Modern, London, where Nicolas Parsons interviewed Maggie’s clown creation Baroness Elsa at The Shortness Dinner.

Bringing Baroness Elsa back to life has been a major interest of Maggie. She believes that Baroness Elsa was a brave and fearless woman who matched her contemporaries in terms of radical practice, yet unlike Marcel Duchamp who gained celebrity status, she died alone and penniless.

Clown Baroness Elsa appeared at The Futurism Exhibition, The Tate Modern, London, and engaged with a random act of anarchy at Manchester Art Gallery as part of ‘The Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism’ exhibition.

Walking performances of Clown Baroness Elsa, on The Royal Mile at The Edinburgh Festival generated improvised interactions with members of the public, including photographer Michael James, who was also dressed in costume. He said ‘Having got perhaps a little too used to people asking me where my “show” was on due to my appearance, I was already starting to answer that was the show of course….So it was a welcome bucket of cold water in the face to meet the real deal’  Photo

Maggie performed at ‘Curating Knowledge’, The OpenSpace, Axis Arts Centre, Crewe Campus, where she introduced students and members of the public to moon howling (a monthly event when people are encouraged to go outside, preferably in pairs, and howl at the full moon).


Sedusa is inspired by Hélène Cixous’s writing on l’écriture feminine, myth and laughter in ‘The Laugh of the Medusa’ (1976). Sedusa expands clown models and masks for women by exploiting the ‘masquerade’ of femininity. This clown has appeared in a wide variety of venues, as she aims is to encourage people to participate in clown seduction techniques. Stones appear in the work, however Sedusa insists that they are not the corpses of former lovers…….

A film of Sedusa Medusa, made in collaboration with filmmaker Siobhan McKeown, appeared on The BBC’s ‘Big Screen’ in Plymouth.

Moxie Maggie continues to clown and develop clown performances for public spaces, theatres, meetings, festivals and events.