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Posted by Richard James on Monday, 25 May 2015

Tip 1: Start Today - Laugh on the Lavatory for Sound Mental Health

Are you sitting in an office fed up, miserable and wishing away the weeks to your next holiday? Would you like to enjoy your day at work, have a laugh and be able to find the funny in tough times? 

Well you can by introducing and practising positive and healthy humour in your place of work, or even at home. Positive humour differs from negative humour such as banter, sarcasm and put downs (humour that is focused on raising one's own status at the expense of somebody else's demise).

Healthy humour is inclusive, brings people together and enriches. A good sense of humour (GSOH) is one of the most valued human traits and can help heal, lower stress, create trust and popularity. It can build and sustain business and/or personal relationships.

Start today. 
Tip 1. Pay a visit to the lavatory and laugh on the loo. Find the funny in flaws, failures or small annoyances. Laugh out loud or stifle your giggles as you flush out the stress through initially fake laughter. Feel the crap in your day quickly slip away.