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Rise in Interest of Female Clowning

Rise of Interest in the Female Clown...
A woman asked me the other day, what is clowning? And what is female clowning?

Each week Maggie will begin unpacking the myths of clown and clowning; we hope you will enjoy these wonderful, vibrant – an often amusing accounts that come with some really great, academic insights.

Next week:
From Toes to Nose: Starting from the bottom (that comes later), or should we say the feet.
Comedy Matters News: September 2020Let's increase confidence, laughter and communication together
Hello to our Comedy Matters family – Maggie and the team hope you’re all well?As the first woman in the world to have gained a doctorate in ‘Becoming a Female Clown: Transgressing Archetype and Myth’ through practice-as-research training and performance, I am going to start (after many years of procrastination-cleaning of skirting boards and painting ceilings) to unpack what this means in snappy, intriguing topical terms.

I have noticed that many comedy workshops and courses are…

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