Having a Crack: Laughter & Learning with Dr Maggie Irving


Aspiring comedians, come to a practical workshop where we can:

Identify situations or life experiences that can provide inspiration for material
Write, develop, assess and practice your ideas in a supportive peer group
Use acting and performance techniques to build charisma, develop stage presence and determine your unique comedy persona
Develop public speaking skills, voice projection and confidence
Explore connecting with your audience – improvisation, methods of delivery, comic timing, use of eye contact. Getting comfortable with seeing – and being seen!

Offered as group sessions, or one-to-one tuition. You can opt for a Beginners or Advanced class. We aim to provide a supportive and constructive learning environment which will hone your skills and build your confidence.


Perfect for those of you who want to improve your talent for performance – we will work hard to develop your physical comedy skills.

Clowning is all about improvisation – being able to tap into your creativity to work spontaneously with your audience. 

You will learn to make failure, vulnerability and openness your friend, unleashing your ridiculousness by projecting a presence through your body and inspiration through your voice. Once tried, never forgotten!

Offered as group sessions, there is also the option of 1:1 tuition.


Tap into your unique experiences and viewpoints to create comic material, written well and spoken with confidence.

We will work together to explore how we can find inspiration and humour in the everyday. We will see how using common experiences – with your own unique spin - enables you to connect to any audience.

We will also develop your public speaking skills, ensuring that you deliver your material with verve, confidence and style.

These daytime workshops are delivered in a supportive peer group environment. There is also the option of 1:1 tuition.


These popular sessions enhance your well-being and encourage you to re-connect with your sense of fun!

No yoga moves – instead, there is deep yogic breathing, playfulness, eye-to-eye contact and funny laughter exercises. You’ll reap the benefits for body and mind. All that’s needed is a willingness to laugh!